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Kingswood Residential - Year 2 - 2018

Kingswood Residential


Year 2 will be enjoying a residential trip to Kingswood, nr Albrighton between 2nd and 5th July 2018.

See below for exciting updates during our visit.

Szymon - "I love that my sticky strip has a crown and looks like a king"





We have worked together to make our beds as neatly as possible. Who will win the best bed maker awards?


We are awake nice and early ready for today's adventures.

Oliver - "I'm so excited to find out what we have for breakfast".

Packing away and stripping our beds - we are all very hungry and can't wait for a yummy breakfast!

Just finished hot chocolate and a biscuit! Teeth are cleaned - story and then bed!


We are loving our free time and trip to the shop.





We've been making dens in the woods and our challenge was to fit all our group inside - even the teachers!

Qiang - "If I was going to do it again I would use a bigger tree to make my den even bigger!"



We found lots of newts and we couldn't believe how big they were! We have learnt how to tell the difference between a male and female.

Aaliyah - "Now I can tell the difference between a boy and a girl newt."

Max - " I loved pond dipping and finding the pond snails. I had to swish my net near the top of the water to catch them."


Ava - "This is the best lunch ever!"

We enjoyed balancing on the high ropes course, we had to hold on very tight because the ropes were wobbly!




We had to work as a team to get our partner safely through the blind fold rope challenge.


We gave the sheep their breakfast, they were very hungry!



We have arrived safely and chosen our beds. It's now time to unpack and get ready for the day!








On the way to Kingswood. The fun begins!



Enjoying a lovely lunch of sausages, mash and vegetables!


Lots of children have cleared their plates...after having seconds!

They also helped to clear the table.



Off for a walk up to Kingswood common!

Guess what's hiding under the tree.... a huge peacock!


Do you know what young peacocks are called?

Children have just finished their breakfast of cereal, toast and beans and are now about to learn how to make a bed!


Wish us luck!