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We hope that you and your children have had a very enjoyable Easter break, and we would like to welcome everyone back for the Summer Term. As expected, the children have settled back in well after the Easter break.  The Summer term is always an enjoyable and busy time for children in Year 3, with lots of interesting learning and topics taking place.

English and Mathematics will continue to be taught daily and focus on key writing skills and mathematical concepts, particularly writing longer pieces in English, and telling the time in Maths. Children are encouraged to wear a simple wrist watch if they have one, although watches with cameras are not allowed. Times tables remain a priority, and we would appreciate your help in practising for the 4x 3x 8x, 9x and 6x tables this term please.

In our Science lessons, we will be exploring our ‘Light’ unit, followed by ‘Plants’. Our thematic topic this term is entitled “Around the World in 60 days” and the children are looking forward to their India focus Day this coming Friday, 23rd April.  In spite of Lockdown, as Geographers and Historians, we will be exploring travelling the world in a ‘virtual’ sense, using our map and navigation skills, comparing and contrasting different localities and looking at migration and how it is represented through History.  We will continue to develop our Computing skills using control software to program, and exploring graphs and charts by handling data. We will be using our DT, Art and Music skills as our topic develops further – more is set to be revealed soon!

Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn for PE. Children will be asked to remove or tape earrings before PE sessions. PE days are on Mondays and Thursdays as normal. Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times; PE kits can be purchased from the school office. We hope to work outside much more in the Summer Term. 

Water bottles are also available if needed, at a cost of 20p each. We will continue with morning toast up until close of register and should you wish, children can bring a piece of fruit to school for their morning snack.

Our purple creative homework books will continue every few weeks, and spellings will be given out each week and tested the following Friday. Your support at home is so valuable with this, and helps your child make super progress – thank you for helping continue their learning at home!  All classes will continue music tuition, alongside their class learning, through visits from Mr Craner from the Wolverhampton Music services each week. This remains on rotation with half a class at a time, to maintain social distancing.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, who will usually be available at the end of each day. We anticipate a busy and exciting term ahead and we thank you for your continued support. Your efforts already with homework, remote learning and working in partnership with us are much appreciated. As ever, please ensure your child is in school promptly to start the school day, to minimise disruption to them and others. Thank you for your support, as ever,

Mrs Brasier-Creagh (Class 11 & Year group leader)       Miss Ringland ( Class 12)           Mrs Foster (Class 10)

February 2021

Great Elston Bake Off

Year 3 wowed us with their amazing entries. 

 January 2020

Year 3 started their 'Invaders and Traders' topic with a trip to Italy!



November 2019

Class 12's children and parents had a brilliant time at Sports Soccer's PE Parent morning! We had lots of fun and games, including Archery and our competitive sides only came out a tiny bit! Thank you to all the parents who supported the morning - the children loved seeing you in your PE kits!

October 2019

Year 3 enjoyed investigating whether a long bone would be stronger than a short or medium bone. They tested out rolls of newspaper to replicate bones and created their own table for their data. They then thought about the results and whether this is why humans have a backbone made of smaller bones. 
 They then thought about the results and whether this is why humans have a backbone made of smaller bones. 



September 2019


October 2018

Y3 had a great day baking bread on a campfire, building dens and learning about Stone Age life. What a great den this team built using an A frame technique!

Photos from 2017/2018

Year 3 have had an exciting delivery. We have received 5 caterpillars in a pot, to look after. We are keeping a close watch, and doing lots of research to find out all about caring for them.

Shannon has written our first diary entry, we will update every few days.

Day 1

"The caterpillars had grown a bit bigger and there were more bits  at the  bottom. 4 of them were at the top 1 of them was at the bottom, lying down in a web." 

  Day 6

The caterpillars are really big today. They used to be quite small but they have been eating and are growing longer and fatter!  There are lots of silky webs appearing inside the pot. They are growing extremely fast and we measured one. He is 3cm and 5 mm long. It is hard to measure them as they are very wriggly.
By Lucas, Daniel and Leland.

  Day 7: 

They seem like they have grown ten times bigger. They were very cute and are still cute now, even though they are so big. The have made 20 or more webs and have been eating a lot.
By Sydney and Karammani

  Day 10:

Since they’ve got older, they’ve grown bigger and fatter and they’ve made more webs.  Hopefully, they’ll make a pupa and become a butterfly soon.
By Ethan

  Day 12:

The caterpillars have grown quickly and today they have made a cocoon on the top of the jar. Three have done it successfully but one is still a caterpillar and one has fallen down.  We researched this and found out it could still live if we rescue it carefully.  Fingers crossed!
By Alfie.

Week 3

This week we have seen huge changes. Firstly, the caterpillars all became chrysalis, and hung from the top of the lid. This was the sign to us that it was time to move into the chrysalis station, and go into the net habitat.  Mrs BC carefully moved them over. One chrysalis fell from the lid at the start of the week but we have researched it, and it should be ok if we lie it on a paper towel inside.


At the end of week 3, the chrysalis have started to hatch! We had the loveliest day, watching them emerge with crinkled wings and then rest after their big adventure. Everyone was so excited and we couldn't believe how quickly they came out of the cocoon. The one on the paper towel hatched at 8.45am and we all saw it! Ben has named the first butterfly Barry, so we have named the other three Gary, Harry and Larry. Larry has really struggled to come out of the cocoon, and might not survive, which makes us a little sad.
We have learnt that butterflies release red liquid called meconium but this is a sign they are healthy. They also need sugar water (nectar) to drink, so Karammani helped put some in the habitat on a flower. Mrs BC will buy them some fruit for their snack tomorrow - apparently they love oranges!
We think we might release them in a couple of days, but we are hoping the other chrysalis will hatch soon too. His name is Colin! 

March 2018

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, our Year 3 children have been exploring the art of reading aloud with intonation and expression. To give their skills a test, they were excited to pair up with Year 1 for the afternoon, to read them stories from the school library. The children all enjoyed the session, and it was lovely to see our children sharing special moments together and a mutual love of great books and stories. We hope to repeat it again in the Summer. Thank you Year 1 for coming to join us!



March 2018

On Thursday 15th March, Year 3 became Scientists for the day at the Big Bang Science Fair, at the NEC in Birmingham.
We always love being hands-on in our Science lessons, so this day was a fabulous opportunity for Year 3 to try new things and aspire to many different Science based careers. We couldn't believe how many different kinds of Science we saw!  Activities that day included carefully  controlling robots, looking at the best conditions for seed growth, exploring flooding using forces and energy and making hovercraft out of everyday things. We loved seeing the RAF jet and JCB diggers up close - they were huge!  

The day was full of challenges such as building a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti, lighting up a circuit successfully and creating a racing car to race against friends.  We all had a wonderfully busy and inspiring day and look forward to putting our Science knowledge to good use in our future learning. Thank you to Miss Knowles for organising the tickets for us!