Brecon Beacons


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Brecon Beacons Residential - 2018

Brecon Beacons

Year 6 will be enjoying a residential trip to Brecon Beacons between 11th and 15th June 2018.

See below for exciting updates during our visit.



Night Line and Mission Impossible!


Today was a very adventurous day; it contained a lot of surprises! The meals were delicious- it filled our stomachs up! For breakfast we ate beans on toast and hash browns. For lunch, we had a jacket potato with a selection of fillings. For dinner, there was chicken curry (which was mildly spicy) and rice and, for a dessert, ICE-CREAM!
In group 1 and 2, we walked down to the lake where we did raft building. We made a structure and then set out to the lake where we sailed our rafts. Then, we all jumped in (well some of us)-IT WAS AMAZING! Group 3 canoed and then all made a fire using a splint and steel. They all made a fire – WOW!
After that, we visited the tuck shop where we bought LOADS AND LOADS of sweets and souvenirs to take home with us. A little while later, group 1 and 2 did nightline where we were blindfolded and had to go through a series of obstacles- we got very muddy! After finishing the obstacle course, we did a mission impossible task where we had to do some spy-like missions such as the birthday bench where we had to get ourselves into birthday order while standing on a thin bench- we fell off multiple times! Group 3 did the zip-wire and Gladiator. They were all so brave and all climbed the tree to the zip-wire; we even heard Mrs Howell’s scream!!
We have had such an amazing time here and it will be upsetting to leave the refreshing countryside.
     Simran , Nadine  and Katy