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Home schooling

Learn At Home

To support the pupils learning in school we also provide the children with homework which is additional to their reading and weekly spellings.  This is to allow parents to see the type of work they have covered and to allow children opportunities to embed the skills they have been taught. This is not compulsory and if families wish not to complete work that is their choice, however we do feel that it is beneficial.  Children have a two-week period to complete the tasks based on writing, maths, science and topic as creatively as they would like.
Children can only use one double page each time, so they will need to be creative in how they use the page! Envelopes, different kinds of paper, folding and different types of pens can and should be used! If children need resources that they don't have at home, teachers will be happy to help.
We hope children have fun and parents enjoy having the opportunity to share in their child's learning.

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