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Teaching and Learning Overviews

Elston Hall Primary School is proud to have achieved continuous accreditation 
of the ISA since 2010 and have established strong links with schools in France 
and Texas, completing cultural activities and projects with these schools 
throughout each year. These activities have strengthened and supported both 
staff and children’s understanding of different places and cultures, giving 
learning a real-life purpose and relevance. We have also had links with schools in 
Germany and other countries, completing a range of joint projects over the 
years. Learning languages has a central place within our diverse curriculum and 
our children learn French right from Reception until Year 6. We also celebrate 
the other languages spoken by our families and students. Our thematic 
curriculum ensures that a diverse range of cultures and countries are 
experienced and that a multicultural approach to learning is an integral part of 
our wider curriculum.


To complete our application for the award last year, we worked together with 
partner schools listed below on seven activities:

1. Multicultural learning- a thematic approach to the curriculum
2. Reading around the world
3. Multicultural book week
4. International heritage project
5. Christmas around the world
6. Celebrating world music
7. Commonwealth Games

Ecole primaire Les Salins, France
L'Ecole Antoine Saint Exupéry, France 
Edward Manzoni Jr Middle School, USA 
Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule Grundund Oberschule, Germany 
Fly High Scuola Prima, Italy

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