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Year 2 Remote Controls

Project type

Remote Controls


February 2024

As part of Year 2's topic 'Land Ahoy', children designed a remote control with special features that could be used by a one-eyed pirate with only one hand and a hook for the other.
We invited their parents to a DT workshop where the children were able to show-off their remote control designs to their grown-up. They then were able to choose their chosen materials and create the remote control together.
The grown-ups had a fantastic time working together with their child and having the opportunity of being part of their child's learning.
Thank you to all parents who attended.

"It was lovely to spend quality time doing the activity together. Imogen was really excited to tell me all about her ideas. We really enjoyed it." Hayley Gaunt
"Wonderful session, great to be welcomed into the learning environment. Lovely to have time that is protected, to be present and enjoy creating together. Thank you". Aurelia's mum.
"I really enjoyed it, it was lovely to be in this environment. Dio has been talking aboutit all week and it was great to see all his hard work. Thank you" Dio's dad.

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