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Look at our fantastic Reading Rivers! Reading Rivers show the journey of reading over a set time. 

Reading is a priority at Elston Hall. It is vital that all children develop expertise in reading so that they can access the wider curriculum and connect with the world around them. Phonics, word recognition and language comprehension are explicitly taught through a rich and varied reading programme of texts which build up from fully decodable to highly decodable books to a wide range of high quality texts. Books are structured and levelled set of books written specifically to ensure that every child can take steady and progressive steps towards reading success. Our timetable offers a rich reading provision, including time for individual reading, group reading and class reading as well as reading for pleasure. In addition, we encourage children to read at home frequently, and provide a diary for home/school communication.

Phonics and Reading in Reception

Phonics and Reading in Year 1

More information about reading

Reading at Home

Reading at Home

Journal Activities 

 Year 6 will concentrate on their revision booklets and booster

KS2 Question Starters

KS2 Recommended Reading List

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