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Say hello to Turbo and Bolt!


This week Nursery were looking at how much our snails have grown since November. Turbo and Bolt have become popular members of the Nursery team. Their favorite fruit is carrots and pears. Turbo is defiantly the greedy one! Bolt likes to snuggle deep in the soil. 



Welcome back to all our children, we hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break. We are very much looking forward to all the learning we have planned for the Summer Term.


We have a busy term ahead of us which will include celebrating the summer Olympic Games in Paris, sports day and of course the children’s Graduation for those leaving nursery at the end of term.  We will also be ensuring the children are ready for their next learning journey onto Reception.


During the Summer Term our first topic will be ‘What on Earth’.

The children will be exploring lots of different concepts such as big and small things, what is alive and not alive, growing plants and the importance of recycling too.

We will the move onto ‘Under the Sea’ where we will be exploring the Oceans and what we might find, from sharks to whales to mermaids.


This term we will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, so the children will have lots of opportunities to continue to develop their story telling skills and actively learn through play and exploration.


Just a reminder, your child will be required to wear PE pumps for their PE lesson every week. Please ensure PE pumps are sent into school as they will remain in school during the week and they will be sent home at the end of the term.


Wild Tribe ‘Welly Wednesdays’ we still be taking place during the summer term so please ensure children arrive at nursery dressed appropriately for the weather with a suitable coat and footwear. Hair must be tied back and long sleeves and trousers must be worn.


Arrival and Dismissal


Morning Nursery -  Doors open at 8:45 am and dismissal at 11.45 am

Afternoon Nursery – Doors open 12:30pm and dismissal at 3:30 pm

Nursery Teacher:   Mrs Sadler

                                                                                                 Key Workers  

                                                             Mrs L Harding             Mrs M Williams                       Miss Aston 


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 Curriculum Overview

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