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Year 4 Electrocity Workshop

Year Four thoroughly enjoyed putting their Science skills to the test in their Electrocity workshop. Stephen from Creative Builders Workshops brought his vast array of wires, batteries, bulbs and more Lego bricks than we have ever seen!

We got busy designing and building our own houses, then working as a team to connect them up to make our own city, adding roads, parks and other features. Then came the best bit, when we wired up our houses using our electricity knoweldge from our lessons. The hall lights went off and the house lights came on, lighting up our city! We also problem solved with an electric train, working out how to get the circuit to work and make it move along the tracks.

As ever, one of our favourite days of the year!

“Best day ever, Miss!”

“Wow, this is amazing”

“I knew how to make the house light up! I can even make it flash on and off!”

Well done Year Four and thanks to our families for supporting. Expect a few Lego orders on the Christmas lists this year!


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